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Dynamics NAV 2015 Tablet Client

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 With the latest version of its ERP software Dynamics NAV 2015 Microsoft introduced a very special feature: the tablet client.

Dynamics NAV 2015 has brought many innovations. A highlight among them is certainly the tablet client. With this new feature Microsoft responded to a changed user behavior, and increases again the capabilities of the integrated ERP system Dynamics NAV.

For mobile access to current company data and processes, only the Windows client and browser-based web client have been available so far. While the web client translates the operating concept of the normal Windows client in a browser, with the tablet client the operation of each program element is fully adapted to the typical operation of a tablet device with touch screen:

  • intuitive control through gestures
  • convenient and continuous controllability of all program elements by touch
  • presentation of content in a form appropriate to the screen size

Remarkably, the tablet client is offered for the three most common device types. There is no limitation to Microsoft’s own hardware offerings The tablet client is available for:

  • Apple / iPad, Mac OS
  • Microsoft Surface / Windows operating systems
  • Device with Android OS

To use the tablet client, an app offered by providers on the respective platforms must be installed on the respective device. Furthermore, establishing a connection to an existing NAV 2015 operation system is necessary. With the user login, the app presents the role center and associated contents which can be accessed, designed for the specific user.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Tablet Client

The tablet client accesses the same technological base and the same development environment as does the web client. Elements and objects of the tablet client are basically no new elements which have to be made or adapted to each case separately: For example, the insertion of a customized field can be performed in a single step for Windows client, web client and tablet client altogether. This, of course, saves enormous effort, because no detached web applications have to be designed, implemented or require maintenance.


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