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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Microsoft announces first details of the April 2019 version

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralIn April Microsoft will release the next version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now first official information and news have been published.

Microsoft had previously announced that the April 2019 version will continue to guarantee the user a system that is modern, adaptable and intelligent. About ten weeks before the official release, it was also announced how these requirements should be implemented.

Powerful new functions for business customers

In order to make working with Dynamics 365 Business Central more pleasant for business users, the April 2019 version enables, among other things, more keyboard-centric scenarios. For example, functions such as quick entry and an improved list sorting will be available for faster data entry and analysis.

In addition, the new version offers a number of functions that enable advanced users to understand the work context better and faster. These include, for example, a work date that is displayed directly on the screen in relevant scenarios and an enterprise indicator that facilitates switching between different companies and databases.

Other productivity enhancements include features such as the focus mode for documents, the new page inspector, an improvement of the filters in Excel export and some modern interface elements (e.g. date picker, refreshed action bar and all-product navigation).

Improved performance, reliability and scalability

In order to be able to meet any business requirements – whether small, medium-sized or large – the April release invested heavily in boosting performance, reliability and scalability across the entire platform and business application. Business Central now runs much faster in typical business scenarios and usage patterns. Server resources are optimized for fast user interaction thanks to on-demand loading of page elements. An improved database also helps to process more data and load it faster. Scheduled upgrades in the cloud also prevent users from being disturbed by maintenance during work hours. Business Central always covers all important security and compliance requirements.

Base application as an app

In addition to the announced improvements and new features, the April version of Business Central will get another exciting innovation. It has been announced that the existing big application will be split into a system app and an app on top as an extension, delivered in AL (instead of C/AL) with Visual Studio Code, to help partners with their industry solutions make the transition to the cloud easier.

Dynamics 365 Business Central April Release
Quelle: Microsoft

The future of data and Artificial Intelligence

With the release of the April version, Microsoft is also strengthening the integration of “Machine Learning” into its products. The main focus here is on the integration of Dynamics 365 AI for Sales and Business Central, which allows insights to be shared between the two applications (e.g. through predictive opportunity scoring).

The new Dynamics 365 Business Central Release should be officially available with these and other innovations on April 5th 2019. Detailed information can already be found in the Release Notes.

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