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Qlik Sense and NPrinting get new features and improvements with the fall release

Qlik Sense September 2019 is now officially available! With the new release, the data visualization software receives various optimizations and innovations again.


 The most important enhancements can be found in the areas of advanced authoring, visualization and mapping as well as in mobility and connectors. Among the highlights are:

Optimized Advanced Authoring

  • As already in the last versions, the Advanced Authoring features were further expanded in the September release. Among other things, from now on default landing sheets can be used. Developers can now direct the user to a specific sheet when opening a specific Qlik Sense application. For a certain focus, the action can also be combined with predefined selections, which further enhances the Guided Analytics experience in Qlik Sense.
  • With the new feature “Expression Promotion”, dimensions and measures created in an object can now be promoted to a master item particularly quickly and efficiently. This capability gives application developers a better workflow in creating and testing expressions that can be used across the entire application afterwards.
  • In addition, the search limit in filter panels has been extended from 255 to 5000 characters to allow more values to be selected in bulk.

New visualization options

  • In map diagrams, it is now possible to display your current location, which can be fetched by the device used via a button. Afterwards the user can add a corresponding icon to the map and zoom to the current location. This allows users (e.g. field staff) to perform location-based search using the circle select.
  • The new “Variance Waterfall Chart” provides the ability to analyze variance between two measures displayed across the different values of a dimension. Because the popular chart type is very suitable for creating financial plans, it is used in particular to analyze financial actuals and forecasts.
  • The September release of Qlik Sense also offers new design options for the pie chart in the same fashion as the bar chart. For example, it is now possible to set the width and color as well as the corner and inner radius of the pie chart. The new options help to optimize the style and appearance of each diagram.

In addition to the helpful improvements in advanced authoring and visualization, Qlik Sense September offers other new features in mobility (e.g. support for the new iPad OS) as well as in connectivity (e.g. availability of the Salesforce Connector and integrated Snowflake connectivity for all Qlik Sense editions and deployment options).

In the course of the September release wave of Qlik, the reporting platform NPrinting has also experienced some interesting innovations. Among the highlights are the new filter option “Select Excluded”, the support of objects in Qlik Sense containers and the possibility to insert Qlik Sense sheets as images into report templates.

You can get an overview of the September updates in Qlik Sense and other Qlik products on YouTube as always:

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