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New features in the Qlik NPrinting spring version

Qlik NPrinting February 2020

By release of the February versions of Qlik, the reporting platform NPrinting has also experienced minor innovations and improvements.

Qlik Sense entities, such as sheets or straight tables, are now supported by QlikEntity reports. The respective Qlik Sense entities can be exported and released directly by connecting them to a QlikEntity report, without the need to create a report template. In this way, tables can also be exported directly as CSV (comma separated value) files.

In addition, Qlik NPrinting now supports the “Signed Key” licensing system – like Qlik Sense. The old LEF-based licensing model is still supported. To activate the new “Signed Key” licenses, the Qlik NPrinting Server computer must be online.

For an overview of what’s new in Qlik NPrinting February 2020, watch the video below:

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