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Business Central: More efficient report filtering

The specific filtering of data is enormously important for report generation. In one of the latest versions, Dynamics 365 Business Central was therefore equipped with optimized filter options.

The larger a company becomes, the more data has to be processed every day. Even more is the number of different data sources from which reports draw their necessary information. This makes it increasingly important to control exactly how much and which data is processed while creating reports. For some time now, Dynamics 365 Business Central has been offering improved filter options for this purpose.

Filtering report data

For example, the filter options now include functions similar to filter lists. These allow you to add as many filtered fields as you like by simply selecting any field from the source table or by searching for it using text input.

In addition, there is the possibility to be assisted with specifying suitable filter values. For this purpose, look-ups and similar pickers can be used (e.g. filtering on multiple option field values).

Filtering report data in Business Central
Report in Business Central with different filtered fields (Source: Microsoft)

Complex filters can also be created using operators, ranges, formulas and filter tokens. Business Central remembers the applied filters. You can also choose from previously made report settings.

Filtering totals

In many cases, reports contain aggregated and computed values represented by FlowFields (e.g. currency amount totals). For some time now, it has been possible in Business Central to apply filters to one or more dimensions that influence these calculated values. This function was previously available in Dynamics NAV.

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