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Business Central: New options for working on pages

In the ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central, parts of the workspace can be adapted to individual requirements of the company and individual departments and users. With the release of the latest version, several improvements and new customization options for pages made working with the solution even easier.

Developers are able to place and hide secondary content on a page object in Business Central. In order to personalize the page accordingly when it is subsequently used, users can now display and unhide this previously hidden content on a page as long as it is relevant to their own business processes.

When the personalization is started, the hidden parts appear on the screen, can be moved around on the page, and can be unhidden as required.  The hidden content can be, for example, parts of a role center home screen, related FactBoxes on the customer list or a chart part directly on the canvas of a card page.

Dynamics 365 Business Central page customizations
Showing hidden page objects in Business Central (Source: Microsoft)

Improvements to pages composed of multiple parts

To ensure that users always have the best overview of their data without having to scroll and navigate unnecessarily, the Modern Client now also offers full support for page objects that consist of multiple parts (e.g. ListParts or CardParts). This function was previously only available on a role center or FactBox pane. The canvas of other page types was often resulting in overlapping UI elements or incorrect data when displaying different contents next to each other.

Developers can now set up pages in a way that, for example, two lists are displayed next to each other on a ListPlus page or several dependent lists are shown above each other on a document page. Users will also see more content (e.g. more columns and lines) due to more compact captions and reduced gray-space on the pages.

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