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Improved dispatch of customer and vendor documents in Business Central

In everyday business life, the employees of a company usually get into contact with customers and vendors from different business areas. To make this communication as convenient and easy as possible, the layout of regularly used customer and vendor documents was optimized in Business Central some time ago.

In the daily business of a company, various documents created in the ERP system are often sent to specific customer and vendor contacts (for example, accountants, purchasers or warehouse workers). For some time now, Business Central not only allows you to link different types of documents to specific layouts, but also to set up contacts to which the respective documents are then assigned and sent. For example, customer statements with a selected layout are sent directly to the appropriate accountant contacts, sales orders to purchasers and purchase orders to salespeople or account managers.

Before document layouts can be linked to specific processes and contacts, all available documents (reports) must be loaded from the “Report Selection” page using the “Copy from Report Selection” function. This allows you to fill  the “Document Layouts” page for vendors and customers based on the settings of the “Report Selection” page. You can also select and assign the required company contacts  that are used for specific “Document Layouts” and to which the documents will be sent.

Document Layouts page in Dynamics 365 Business Central
Optimized “Document Layouts” page for a customer (Source: Microsoft)

With the April 2020 version, the “Document Layouts” page for customers has been expanded to include additional usage options for reminders and posted shipments, and for vendors to include additional options for purchase orders and posted return shipments.

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