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Business Central: Disable data export to Excel for secure data processing

Business Central Excel Export

Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to export data from Business Central to Excel for further processing. In some companies, this function is difficult to perform due to certain data processing and monitoring regulations. Administrators can now manage the control of data export to Excel.

The “Edit in Excel” and “Open in Excel” actions allow users to quickly and easily export their Business Central data to an Excel spreadsheet for further processing. If a company has specific requirements or limitations regarding data processing in Excel (e.g. due to separate privacy policies), Business Central has for some time allowed an administrator to disable the ability to export data. The administrator can now define which users are allowed to open data in Excel and thus increasing control over the data.

The ability for users to export and open records in Excel from Business Central is controlled by the new “D365 Excel Export Action” permission set and a corresponding system permission (ID 6110). If the administrator does not enable this permission for a user, the “Edit in Excel” and “Open in Excel” actions are no longer available on any page of the application. So the user can’t export data.

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