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Business Central: Small improvements in permission management for more productivity

Business Central Permission Management

For the efficient handling of business processes, it is recommended to work with appropriate user groups and permission sets in the ERP system. With the most recently released version, permission management in Dynamics 365 Business Central has been optimized – even for permission sets from older Dynamics NAV versions.

To ensure that roles and tasks in the company can be managed more efficiently in the future, various improvements were introduced with the last release wave. For this purpose, the field “Object Caption”, which is hidden by default, was added to the pages “Permissions” and “Tenant Permissions”.

The page “Permission Sets” has also been extended by some functions. For example, the action “Remove Obsolete Permissions” can be used to remove any obsolete, no longer needed objects from all permission sets. In addition, several permission sets can be selected at the same time via “Include/Exclude Permission Sets”. This multiselect functionality is also available for system permission sets in on-premises installations.

Since the last Business Central version, system permissions can also be imported and exported in on-premises installations. Both system and client permissions can be merged during import if the respective permission sets already exist. Users will be prompted to skip the import or merge the permission sets.

Another new feature is the ability to select and display multiple permission sets using the “Filter Permission Sets” activity. This is also possible for both system and client authorizations.

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