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How to use modern Business Intelligence tools in the right way

Modern Business Intelligence Software

Because the offered Business Intelligence tools are becoming more and more modern and comprehensive, it is important to keep your companys’ solution up-to-date. In times of cloud, AI and Co. some factors should be considered here.

Business Intelligence and data analysis have changed dramatically in recent years. While companies used to use complex and inflexible software structures for this purpose, the tools used today are becoming increasingly dynamic, adaptable and easy to integrate. Topics such as cloud and artificial intelligence also provide more flexibility and possibilities. Anyone who uses Business Intelligence in their company should therefore not lose touch and regularly modernize the tools they use.

Technological innovations such as Augmented Intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) functionalities make the analysis process – from data preparation to modeling and getting insights – far more intuitive and time-saving. Augmented Intelligence functions support human intuition and intelligence to make decisions during the analysis process by machine.. Natural Language Processing is a computer-based processing of natural language based on certain rules and algorithms and also simplifies the analysis process.

However, the purchase of modern Business Intelligence software such as Qlik Sense or an upgrade to a new version alone is not enough. The following factors should also be considered when using modern BI tools.

Use a variety of possible data sources

Using the support of AI-based technologies (e.g. Augmented Intelligence functions) can be very helpful, but does not automatically guarantee an easy and successful generation of profitable insights and findings. It is always important to perform the analysis in as much detail as possible and from different perspectives. The connection of as many and different data sources as possible can be advantageous here. Classic data warehouses cannot cope with the complexity and quantity of information that is processed in companies today. Using a BI solution should therefore always ensure that the tool is capable of integrating the corresponding data sources without any problems and without much effort. This helps to avoid errors and inconsistent data in the analysis.

Always stay up-to-date with real-time analyses

The challenges posed by large amounts of unstructured data are best met by modern and agile data integration solutions that also support real-time analysis. This is the only way to avoid lengthy copying and duplication processes that often lead to inconsistencies and context loss. However, outdated BI infrastructures rarely offer the necessary capacity for real-time analysis and are therefore better replaced by modern applications that do not require data replication.

Take the step into the cloud

The cloud has become an indispensable part of the business world and has long since entered the field of Business Intelligence. Both the infrastructure and the data in companies are increasingly being outsourced to the cloud in order to benefit from the advantages of scalable data storage and processing.

At choosing or modernizing the BI solution used, the cloud capability of the respective software should therefore also be taken into account. Qlik now delivers its solutions with full functionality through its own cloud, but also offers versatile and scalable options for hybrid and multi-cloud operation if required.

Are you also interested in using a modern and technologically innovative Business Intelligence solution? We would be happy to advise you and show you the numerous advantages of the data analysis software Qlik Sense. Please contact us!

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