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Qlik NPrinting November 2020 with new feature released

With the release of the new product versions of Qlik, the reporting platform Qlik NPrinting has also been optimized again. A helpful extension is the new Audit Trail.

The new Qlik NPrinting Audit Trail provides an overview of system information and integrity. The new feature can be used to monitor changes, user access and behavior, and other data.

Audit Trail logs are stored in a special database within the Qlik NPrinting Repository server. The maximum size of the log file and the respective retention period of the logs can be configured by the user. The Audit Trail database also supports backups and restore.

Audit Trail logs are accessed via a public REST API. This provides the data as text files separated by tabs. An overview of the new Audit Trail can be found in the following video:

With your click the video is loaded on YouTube. Please note that data is transmitted to YouTube. Please also note our privacy policy.

In addition to introducing the new Audit Trail, the RabbitMQ Server (deployed as Qlik NPrinting Messaging Service) has been updated to version 3.8.3. The new version has a modified, non-configurable internal limit that limits the message size to 512 MB (instead of 2 GB before). This means that it is no longer possible to generate NPrinting reports with a size bigger than 512 MB.

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