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Optimized role center selection in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The role center serves as the landing page in Dynamics 365 Business Central and is ideally adapted to the individual role of the user in the company. With the current Business Central version, the list of available roles has been optimized and became clearer.

Role Center selection in Business Central

Most of the time, new users in Business Central are assigned to the default role “Business Manager”. But it makes sense to adapt the role and the corresponding role center to the individual needs and requirements of the respective user. To enable the role and role center to be tailored to the user’s department or personal tasks, Business Central offers a number of different pre-configured roles.

Earlier versions of Business Central also included roles that could be further defined using the Role Explorer function and therefore contained only the navigation menu as content. However, users often selected these roles because they thought they were actual role centers.

With the latest Business Central release, the list of available roles has been made clearer by automatically filtering out these confusing roles. Among others, roles for Administration (ADMIN), Finance (FIN), Manufacturing (MANUFACTURING), Sales and Marketing (SALES) as well as Human Resources (HR) and Warehouse (WAREHOUSE) have been removed.

For improved comprehensibility, the names and descriptions of some of the existing role centers have been changed. They describe the associated tasks more specific and meet more requirements of the respective roles and departments now. In addition, the contents of various role centers have been adapted (e.g. by adding new actions and documents relevant for the respective role).

A comprehensive overview of all optimizations in the area of roles can be found in the associated Microsoft documentation.

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