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Acting Preactively – Active Intelligence with Qlik

Active Intelligence with Qlik

In the fast moving business world, it is important to always have access to the most up-to-date data in order to be able to react to changing requirements as quickly as possible. The modern concept of Active Intelligence not only helps to make the right decisions, but also to trigger business processes directly downstream – by analyzing real-time data.

The increasingly digitized world requires companies to be able to adapt more and more quickly to changing situations and act accordingly. The demand for high-quality real-time data has never been higher than in the current crisis. Up-to-the-minute information is now more important than ever, for example, to keep supply chains running and to be able to react promptly to the ever-changing economic situation.

The faster a company can respond to such developments, the better is its competitive position. Employees and systems must therefore always have access not only to historical information, but also to current real-time information, so that they can use this information at the right moment to initiate the most well-founded and efficient measures possible.

Always one step ahead with Active Intelligence

In this context, BI provider Qlik is now increasingly relying on the concept of Active Intelligence, which supports organizations in taking preactive action, for example by automatically triggering processes on the basis of real-time data. Traditional Business Intelligence, which tends to take a passive and less dynamic approach and is quite limited in its exploration capabilities, can no longer meet these requirements today.

With the combined use of its data analytics and integration platforms and its concept of “Data Literacy as a Service”, BI vendor Qlik offers a holistic approach to unlocking the value of enterprise data through an integrated platform. In doing so, data can be delivered and explored in real-time and embedded into everyday business operations without the need to involve specialists or power users.

In this way, actionable real-time data can be turned into equally actionable insights, which in turn enable preactive rather than reactive action – in the spirit of Active Intelligence.

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