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Optimized cloud printing functionalities in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central Cloud Printing

The recently released version of Business Central has also expanded the printing options in the business software. This means that Microsoft’s universal cloud printing capabilities can now be used in Business Central, too – even from mobile devices.

With the “Universal Print” function, Microsoft 365 offers a service for modern print management and an uncomplicated print environment. Dynamics 365 Business Central now supports cloud printing via this function. This means that documents and reports can now be sent to any printer that is enabled on the management page of the “Universal Print” function.

Microsoft’s recently released “Universal Print” feature adds email printing to supported devices and third-party extensions that  had already been available before. The new Business Central release finally resorts to this feature to use cloud printing.

With the help of the “Universal Print” function, Business Central can be extended with a print environment that is based on the Microsoft 365 Cloud. The time-consuming installation and administration of print servers or printer drivers is no longer necessary. Printing is possible from any location – provided there is a connection to the Internet and an authentication with Azure Active Directory. Printing is only possible on permitted devices.

Cloud printing via the Mobile and Microsoft Teams App

Unrestricted use of cloud printing in Business Central is now also ensured by the ability to use the function from various mobile devices. In this way, print jobs for documents or reports can also be sent to cloud-enabled printers from tablets or smartphones, for example.

This is possible via the Microsoft Teams App (on desktops, tablets or smartphones on which the Business Central App for Microsoft Teams is installed) as well as via the Business Central App on Windows, Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.

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