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Business Central: Subsequent correction of dimensions for general ledger entries

With the current spring release of Business Central, another function is available in the area of financial accounting. Dimensions for general ledger (G/L) entries can now be easily corrected without reversing the original entry.

In the turbulent everyday business world, input errors can occur at any time. Maybe it is at the end of the fiscal year that one decides that a new dimension is needed, which should already be evaluated for the entire fiscal year. These adjustments can now be made with the current version of Business Central without having to laboriously repost the G/L entries. Instead, the dimensions for G/L entries can now be easily changed, added or removed.

Instead of just allowing you to change the dimension on the G/L entry at this point, Microsoft has shipped an entire tool that can be used to design dimension corrections. It offers the possibility to define various filter criteria in order to make changes specifically for a large number of G/L entries. The respective correction of the dimensions is documented in a change log, which subsequently also makes it possible to reset the G/L entry to its original value.

Business Central Dimension Correction
Design of the Dimension Correction in Dynamics 365 Business Central

It should be noted that the dimensions are only changed for G/L entries, but not for any associated customer or vendor entries.  Depending on the setup of a cost accounting system, the function should be well checked before use, too. It may be advisable to block individual dimensions for correction.

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