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Business Central Online: Optimized collaboration with Microsoft Teams

For collaborative business processes, Microsoft is increasingly relying on efficient networking of its various business applications. With the new version, the interaction of Business Central with Microsoft Teams has therefore been optimized again.

Most companies use a variety of software applications to handle their day-to-day business. It is an advantage if the different programs are well networked with each other to ensure maximum productivity and collaboration. For this reason, Business Central has enabled seamless interaction between Business Central and Microsoft Teams since the last version, in order to further facilitate collaboration within the company, even in times of home office and beyond. For several weeks now, it has also been possible to access Business Central contacts from Microsoft Teams without having to switch applications.

Search Business Central contacts from Teams

Business Central generally offers various functions for managing business contacts. These are not only essential for sales, but also for numerous other departments in the company. For example, calls to accounts payable, accounts receivable, and other contacts need to be made frequently – even while using Microsoft Teams. With a simple search function and quick access to Business Central contacts directly from Microsoft Teams, there is no longer any need to switch back and forth between the two applications. Instead, contact details can be viewed entirely within Microsoft Teams.

Business Central Collaboration with Teams
Business Central contact shared in Teams chat (Source: Microsoft)

For example, the desired Business Central contacts can now be searched for via the Teams search field or in the area for composing messages.  These contacts can then also be shared in Teams conversations. The respective contact information is displayed in a detail window. In addition, it is possible to immediately start a call to the corresponding contact at this point.

Business Central Collaboration with Teams
Context-sensitive entry and search for Business Central contacts in Teams (Source: Microsoft)

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