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Monitor inventory and transaction flow in Business Central

Monitoring inventory and the flow of goods is of high importance in many companies. In Business Central item tracking capabilities have therefore recently been enhanced with the introduction of item availability by lot number.

For many companies it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of items as supply chains become more complex. For example, some companies in the medical and chemical sectors are required by law to meticulously monitor the transaction flow of some items. Other companies also want to be able to track certain goods based on warranties or expiration dates.

In Business Central the flow of goods can be easily monitored by simply managing serial and lot numbers. In this way, it is possible to quickly find out when and where an item was stored, sold and shipped and when it arrived.

Improved item tracking through new functions

With the latest Business Central release item tracking functions have been optimized by introducing the “Availability by Lot” page. This now provides a list of lot numbers with available quantities as well as expected incoming and outgoing transactions (e.g. sales, purchase, transfer, assembly or production orders).

Availability by Lot page in Dynamics 365 Business Central
“Availability by Lot” page in Dynamics 365 Business Central (Source: Microsoft)

If the “Lot Specific Tracking” action has been activated for an item tracking code, an overview of quantities is thus available when the “Availability by Lot” page is opened via the item card or item list.

To ensure that quantities match other pages related to availability (e.g. Availability by Variant, Location and Date), tracking information for expected inbound or outbound transactions must be specified there accordingly. For example, the  “Availability by Lot” page only displays information from an order if item tracking has been previously specified for it.

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