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New self-service reporting capabilities in Qlik Sense SaaS

Qlik Sense has been equipped with a new self-service function in the reporting area. This allows a specific chart or sheet to be e-mailed to the user via subscription or to be exported as a PDF. The feature is currently only available in the SaaS version of Qlik Sense.

In many organizations, it is important for employees to stay up-to-date on certain developments. With the new self-service reporting function in Qlik Sense, it is possible to subscribe to certain charts or even entire sheets and have them sent by e-mail at regular intervals.

Subscribe Function in Qlik Sense
“Subscribe” function for sheets and charts (Source: Qlik)

To do this, the respective chart or sheet must be selected and then subscribed to via the subscription function. The subscription can be given an appropriate name and the frequency with which the report should be sent (e.g. weekly or monthly, on which day and at which time) can be selected.

Details Reporting Subscription Qlik Sense
Ability to specify reporting subscription title and sending details (Source: Qlik)

The desired charts and sheets are then sent by e-mail at the specified times. In addition to a link to the corresponding chart or sheet, the e-mail also contains an associated PDF file. If a chart object has been subscribed to, the mail also contains an image of the chart.

Reporting Subscription E-Mail Qlik Sense
E-mail with Qlik Sense chart subscribed (Source: Qlik)

The details of the individual subscriptions can be viewed at any time via the management console. In addition, it is possible to jump directly to the subscribed chart or sheet in order to continue working on the respective analysis or to edit and verify the subscription. The current status of the object or sheet can also be sent by e-mail at any time.

Management Area Reporting Subscriptions Qlik Sense
Management area for managing reporting subscriptions (Source: Qlik)

In the management area, admins also get an overview of all existing subscriptions and can activate and deactivate them. It is also possible to deactivate or reactivate the subscriptions for all employees at one go.

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