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Business Central: Optimized options for adjusting inventory with new inventory documents

For some time now, Dynamics 365 Business Central has offered a new option  for inventory documents. Via two new document types, the inventory can now be adjusted in the business application in a more traceable way.

With the release of the last version, the inventory documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central were optimized. Since then, the new document types “Inventory Receipt” and “Inventory Shipment” can be used to make inventory adjustments more traceable.

Both documents can be used as soon as the number series has been set up on the “Inventory Setup” page. They can be printed, released and opened as desired, for example to set and correct general values in the header.

For example, the “Inventory Receipt” document can be called up (via the search) to register an increase of inventory (e.g. recovered goods). On the other hand, the “Inventory Shipment” document can be called up to write off inventory (e.g. lost or damaged goods). The documents “Posted Inventory Receipt” and “Posted Inventory Shipment” can be used to reopen and print documents that have already been posted.

Inventory Receipt Business Central
Inventory Receipt in Dynamics 365 Business Central (Source: Microsoft)

Until now, the posting of inventory receipts and shipments was only possible via the “Item Journal” page. However, since  the access to this page is associated with many options and less traceability, it should only be granted to selected personnel.

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