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Business Central Fall Release 2021: Web Client Optimizations

With the release of the latest version, many minor improvements were made in the Web Client of Dynamics 365 Business Central. These are primarily intended to optimize usability and performance.

Microsoft launched the new version of Business Central at the beginning of October. The business application once again offers many small improvements in the area of the Web Client, which are intended to provide the user a more convenient and faster experience.

Business Central Fall Release 2021: Web Client Optimizations

For example, performance has been optimized once more. The Business Central server service now applies the “partial records” feature to TableRelation lookup pages. This means that the server reads only those fields from the database that are displayed on the TableRelation lookup page. The same applies to list pages. In this case the server reads only the fields from the database that are displayed on the list page.

Optimized record preview

With the new version, Business Central has also improved the peek preview of related records in lists. It now uses a less disrupted dotted underline indicator and a new layout that has been adapted to the tiles definition.

Peek preview in Business Central
Optimized peek preview in a list view (Source: Microsoft)

If a selected record in a list has its own card page, it can be opened via the peek preview by clicking on the linked record name (e.g. the customer name). Both the peek preview and the linked card page can also be opened by navigating with the keyboard.

Extended help pane in Business Central Cloud

The help pane has also been revised for the new Business Central version. Through it, users – whether beginner or advanced – can access useful links, troubleshooting guides, helpful documentation and online learning materials directly in Business Central.

Similar to many Office and Dynamics 365 applications, the Business Central help pane now includes a search box to find additional content. For example, search results include docs on topics such as setting up and using business features, working with Office applications, tips for working efficiently, troubleshooting and FAQs.

It also displays content from the Microsoft Learn content library, which provides online self-paced learning paths for different roles and skill levels.

Help pane in Business Central
New help pane with search box in Business Central (Source: Microsoft)

The help pane remains open even when navigating through Business Central, so the searched content remains visible. Context-sensitive help documentation for the current page or report is also still available from the “Help and Support” screen.

Other new features in the Web Client

In addition to the listed optimizations, the new Business Central version also includes other innovations in the Web Client. Among other things, the user-friendliness and data entry as well as the filter functions in the Role Explorer have been improved again.

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