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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Second release wave rolled out for 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft has released this year’s fall versions for its business applications. In this context, Dynamics 365 Business Central has also been equipped with some new features and optimizations.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft had already given a preview of the upcoming innovations in the second release wave this year. In addition to a renewed increase in productivity and usability, the focus is again on optimized interaction with Microsoft Teams and Excel as well as improved administration and business logic.

More user-friendliness in the Modern Client

In this year’s fall release, improvements in the Web Client again ensure a more pleasant user experience. To this end, both the usability and performance of the Web Client have been optimized.  Besides increased performance and responsiveness during data entry, the new version offers, among other things, new filter functions in the role explorer and a revised help area.

Increased productivity through new application features

With the second release cycle in 2021, Business Central has also been enhanced again with several productivity-enhancing features based on users’ ideas and requests. For example, bank and payment reconciliation have been optimized  once more. Moreover, the new version offers the ability to add additional fields and columns to multiple pages, as well as the option to add non-inventory items to requisition and planning worksheets, and to add locations.

The new version also makes it possible to create a default line type in purchase and sales documents, as well as an item variant code on demand forecasts. Users can now also specify the rounding for base units of measure and benefit from more stable task queues.  

Better interaction with Microsoft Teams and Excel

The new Business Central release also places renewed emphasis on optimizing interactions with other applications such as Microsoft Teams and Excel. For example, the integration with Teams has been enhanced with improved search term functions (e.g. multiple word search and special characters) for looking up contacts. Furthermore, two new ways to share data between Business Central and Teams are available.

A number of new features are also provided for sharing between Business Central and Excel. For example, document lines such as sales quote lines, sales order lines, and purchase order lines can be downloaded and edited in Excel. In addition, the Excel add-in has been enhanced. Business Central now also allows integration with OneDrive.

Further innovations and optimizations

 Apart from the new features listed, the administration and development areas have again been expanded and improved. Furthermore, additional learning tours through Business Central now ensure better on-boarding of customers, especially to provide new users with basic knowledge.

As always, detailed information on selected new features in this year’s fall release of Business Central will be available on our blog soon.

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