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Qlik Sense SaaS: Helpful new features in October

For some time now, the cloud version of Qlik Sense has also been receiving smaller enhancements outside of the major on-prem releases. In October, helpful features in the areas of data alerts, visualization and connectivity will be released again.

In effect, data alerts that compare a measure value or a dimension with the previous evaluation can now be created. For this purpose, a new condition named “Last evaluation” is now available in the “Compare with” drop-down menu. Selecting this condition tells the alarm that the selected value should be compared with the previous evaluation.

In this way, the user can be notified, for example, when a stock price increases compared to the last evaluation or the sum of sales exceeds a certain value – but only if this change is different from the previous evaluation.

More space through new label option

More control and flexibility in the display of charts is also provided by the new “Layered” label orientation. In addition to the options already available (e.g. “Auto”, “Horizontal” and “Tilted”), labels can now also be layered on the X-axis. Layering staggers the labels to use of space more efficient and create more room for the actual chart.

Optimized connectivity

Qlik Sense SaaS editions can now connect to additional connectors. These include Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Comprehend, Azure ML and DataRobot, for example.

The following YouTube video also provides a brief overview of the listed innovations:

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