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Qlik Sense SaaS: New business logic options for customization in Insight Advisor

In addition to the major releases – most recently Qlik Sense November 2021 – the cloud version of Qlik Sense also receives occasional smaller innovations for optimized work with the BI tool. For example, the options for making adjustments in Insight Advisor via the business logic have now been expanded.

New parameters have recently been added to the business logic, which can further refine the analyses created by Insight Advisor. Furthermore the ability to set the trend direction and sort order for a measure, specify the preferred analysis types to be used by the system and specify the overall aggregation type for complex expressions have been added.

Determining trend direction

The new business logic options can be used to specify whether the desired trend for a measure should be displayed in an ascending or descending graph.

Qlik Sense Insight Advisor
Measure trend in a chart with descending representation (Source: Qlik)

Identify favorites

In addition, you can identify favorite measures that are of interest to Insight Advisor. In this way, Insight Advisor uses these measures more often when creating visualizations without specific user queries or selections.

New overall aggregation

A new overall aggregation has also been added. This helps Insight Advisor choose which aggregation to use for queries that include master measures with complex expressions where the aggregation is not clear from the start.

A brief overview of the latest enhancements in the Qlik Sense business logic is also provided in the following YouTube video:

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