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Qlik Sense SaaS: New color features for KPIs and map charts

When it comes to visualizing analyzed data, colors can play a major role in making the presentation as clear as possible. In the cloud version of Qlik Sense, the options regarding the color design for KPIs and in map charts have been expanded once again in recent weeks.

The cloud version of Qlik Sense is also regularly equipped with new features and optimizations outside of the major releases. Thus, the visualization options have also been expanded again in recent weeks. In particular, the options for color design have been supplemented with smaller innovations to make visualizations even clearer in the future.

KPI background color and new symbols

As part of the enhancements, for example, the display of KPIs has been optimized. Here, background colors can now be added to KPI charts. This gives users more flexibility in customizing their visualizations. In addition, many new symbols have been added to the existing symbol set.

Label coloring with map chart

The visualization options in Qlik Sense map charts have also been enhanced. The settings now include new options for label coloring. This allows you to customize how labels contrast with the base map or colored areas. You can choose to automatically adjust the label coloring based on the base map or manually select a preferred color for each chart.

Qlik Sense Color Features

New label color options in Qlik Sense map charts (Source: Qlik)

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