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Qlik Application Automation: Helpful new features in April

With Qlik Application Automation, BI provider Qlik has recently been focusing on even more dynamics in everyday business. Due to this course the automation options are continuously being expanded – also in April.

Application automation and dynamic analysis and integration workflows can save a lot of time and effort in everyday business. For some time now, Qlik Application Automation has therefore offered the option of creating processes via a visual builder, which automatically trigger corresponding measures. In April, the functionality of Qlik Application Automation was again enhanced with some helpful new features.

Usage reports for Qlik Application Automation and the Qlik Reporting Service

A new usage report is now available to provide a better overview of the automation runs and report volume performed. This report will be emailed to the Service Account Owner when the account exceeds the authorized usage limit. For example, the report will show the number of application automation runs per month and the number of reports generated by the Qlik Reporting Service. This helps to manage the required capacity more efficient and make the most of the available automation and cloud reporting capabilities.

New templates in Qlik Application Automation

To save time and effort, Qlik Application Automation already includes some templates that can be used to generate application automations quickly and easily. In April, these were supplemented with several new templates. For example, it is now possible to automate forecasting customer churn risk with Qlik AutoML, store cycled reports in SharePoint, sync data from a Qlik Sense straight table to an Excel sheet and copy data from a Qlik Sense straight table to an Excel sheet in a simplified way.

Qlik Application Automation News
Overview of the selection of templates in Qlik Application Automation (Source: Qlik)

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