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Qlik Application Automation: New Features in March

Qlik Application Automation offers the possibility to create dynamic analysis and integration workflows that automatically respond to events and immediately trigger appropriate actions in the desired SaaS applications. In March, some small new features were added in this regard.

In the current information age, it is enormously important to always analyze the right data at the right moment and to react with the appropriate measures based on the insights gained in a targeted manner and without delay. For this purpose, Qlik Application Automation can be used to generate dynamic processes via a visual builder, which automatically trigger the respective actions. At the beginning of March, several new features were added to Application Automation.

Extended toolbar in the Editor view

The Editor view of the automation canvas now contains a new toolbar with “Undo” and “Redo” buttons. These can be used to easily undo or redo actions during automation creation.

Qlik Application Automation Features
New toolbar in the Editor view, which now includes “Undo” and “Redo” buttons. (Source: Qlik)

New Okta connector

Qlik Application Automation has also been updated with a new Okta connector. Okta is a customizable and secure Identity-as-a-Service platform. The Okta connector helps manage users and groups in Qlik Application Automation in an automation.

Enabling webhooks for all users & new event filtering

In addition, all users can now set the run mode to the “Webhook” option. This way automations are triggered based on events in Qlik Cloud. In addition, filters can now be applied that increase efficiency and provide better control over the timing of automation execution (e.g. by triggering in specific apps or apps in specific spaces).

Qlik Application Automation Features
Webhook for the “App Reload Finished” event – filtered by space ID (Source: Qlik)

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