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Qlik Reporting Service: The next generation of cloud-based report distribution

With Qlik Reporting Service, it is now even faster and easier to generate and distribute reports automatically using Qlik Application Automation.

In many companies, reporting is an important factor in daily business and an integral part of the BI and analysis area – after all, it is also used to make profitable decisions and initiate the corresponding measures. As a result, many executives and employees rely on regular reporting to manage the business or to stay informed with important information. With Qlik Reporting Service, Qlik now offers a new comprehensive way to create and distribute reports through business process automation.

Using Qlik Reporting Service and Qlik Application Automation (QAA), SaaS users can now create and distribute automated multi-page PDF reports based on a Qlik Sense app. This includes the option to either use a report template or generate fully custom automation in the QAA visual builder. In this way, the respective recipients can receive and view the complex, scheduled reports even if they do not have access to the Qlik Sense platform themselves.

Reporting via Qlik Application Automation

Qlik Reporting Service is a public API that can be easily used from within Qlik Application Automation or integrated directly into the system. Together with Qlik Application Automation, low-code or no-code processes finally completely redefine and significantly simplify management in reporting. The desired reporting workflows can be generated with the “No-Code Automation Editor” by selecting the desired workflow blocks and arranging them logically – using drag and drop.

The Qlik Reporting Service offers users a variety of advantages. First and foremost, different reports for different people and organizations can be quickly and easily compiled and automatically distributed – for more consistency by using templates. In this way, productivity can be increased and time to value can be reduced.

In the process, the insights and reports can be easily sent via email (e.g. scheduled or triggered by specific events) or, for example, also delivered via cloud storage connectors such as Google Cloud or Dropbox – both within and outside of one’s own organization.

Qlik Reporting Service
Workflow for automated report generation and distribution in the visual Qlik Application Automation Builder (Source: Qlik)

An overview of how Qlik Reporting Service works is also provided in the following YouTube video:

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