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Business Central 2022 Wave 1: Innovations in bank and payment reconciliation

For the simplest and quickest possible processing of banking and payment transactions, bank reconciliation is constantly being optimized in Dynamics 365 Business Central – also with the current spring release.

In order to process the many daily payment and banking transactions conveniently and error-free, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers companies a helpful range of functions that is regularly expanded with new features. Therefore, the recently released April version optimizes bank and payment reconciliation again.

Posting preview in the payment reconciliation journal

Bank and payment reconciliations are important accounting processes in most companies. They provide an overview of whether the cash flow is accurate and all postings have been entered correctly. With the new release, the use of payment reconciliation journals has therefore been revised and made even more efficient. To this end, the payment reconciliation journal has been equipped with the ability to display fields for debits and credits in the footer of journals, as well as preview before posting. The new features can be accessed directly from the Payment Reconciliation Journal page.

Business Central Bank Reconciliation
Calling up the posting preview via the payment reconciliation journal (Source: Microsoft)

New features in the Bank Account Statement report

In order to ensure that all transactions have been correctly recorded, the new version has also improved the report on posted bank reconciliations (Bank Account Statements). This allows a more efficient validation and auditing. The report now displays a more detailed snapshot of the bank information at the time the bank reconciliation was posted. The new fields for G/L Balance, Outstanding Payments and Checks make validation and auditing easier. The Bank Account Statement report can be found in the Bank Statements list (list of posted bank reconciliations).

Business Central Bank Reconciliation
New fields in the Bank Account Statement report (Source: Microsoft)

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