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Business Central: Efficient search for related entries of documents

In the fast-paced business world, quick and efficient processes are essential. A special function for finding related documents and entries can save a lot of time and increase productivity in Business Central – now even easier.

Order status, due date, item tracking – it’s often not easy to quickly find the information you need in the many records of an ERP system. But quick answers are extremely important for day-to-day business to run as smoothly as possible. Lengthy searches often delay business processes.

More efficient search in Business Central

To prevent this, the search for related entries of posted documents in Business Central provides a helpful feature to find and track entries generated during the posting of specific transactions. The search is based on common information such as the invoice number or posting date, business contact type or number or external document number, serial number or lot number of the entry. The “Find Entries” feature has been available for some time on most pages that display posted documents or document entries. Now, it is also available in all Role Centers.

Business Central Search Entries
“Find Entries” function in the Business Central Role Center (Source: Microsoft)

The function can be called up conveniently across systems in Business Central using the key shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+Q”. It can be used, for example, to search in the context of a specific posted document, so that all entries created for this document are displayed.

Business Central Search Entries
Updated page for searching for entries such as business contacts (Source: Microsoft)

In addition, the function can also be used for other, broader search scenarios, for example:

Search for documents using the number of a posted document or the external document number to find a specific posted or unposted document and related entries.

Search for business contacts and contact-related documents or specific documents using an external document number.

Search for item references using serial or lot numbers to find all documents that contain an item with those numbers.

Posted document and ledger entry pages (e.g. Posted Sales Invoice or Customer Ledger Entries) display the general ledger entries for a specific document or entry even without using the described function.

Business Central Search Entries
New factbox “Related G/L Entries” on the posted documents page (Source: Microsoft)

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