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Qlik Sense SaaS: Field-level lineage and impact analysis capabilities now available to all users

The Lineage and Impact Analysis features in Qlik Sense are now visible and available to everyone. They don’t have to be activated separately by administrators anymore.

During the analysis of data in the company, a complex data network can sometimes arise – especially if various systems and data sources are involved. Keeping track of all the information and its origin can be difficult. The origin of the data is important for many business processes. It is the only way to understand where data comes from, how it is processed, and how it flows in and out of the organization.

Qlik therefore provides specific data lineage and impact analysis capabilities. These include complete audit trails, simple visual flows and insights into these pipelines.

Users can see the flow of each data field for all data objects managed in Qlik Cloud – starting at the original source to the final application. This optimizes understanding of where and how data fields originated or were created.

Better data understanding through field-level lineage capabilities

The functions not only enable the visual display of data history by table, but also by specific fields within a table. Based on the origin at field level, data can now be understood even better.

Qlik Sense Lineage Features
Lineage overview at field-level in Qlik Sense (Source: Qlik)

For example, a summary of data history can be quickly accessed, tracing all dimensions and measures in a chart back to their original sources. In this way, any user can easily understand exactly where the data in a chart came from.

Impact analysis, on the other hand, leads to a downstream view that provides an overview of which databases, applications, files or links are directly or indirectly affected by the change in a particular field.

Qlik Sense Impact Analysis
Impact Analysis in Qlik Sense (Source: Qlik)

The “Lineage” and “Impact Analysis” charts and views can be accessed from multiple points in Qlik Sense (e.g. the dataset or application tiles, or directly via a Qlik Cloud chart).

An overview of the field-level lineage feature is also provided in the following YouTube video:

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