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Business Central fall version 2022: Innovations in report layouts and data processing with Excel

The second release wave of Business Central this year again brings various innovations in different areas. Report layouts and data processing with Excel have also been optimized.

The report layout can now be selected on the request page and sent directly from there to the report inbox. In addition, deputy administrators can now also edit customer data in Excel.

New features in report layouts

With the new Business Central fall release, reports can now be run on the report request page and sent directly to the report inbox. This allows work to continue and the report to be retrieved later in the report inbox once completed.

So the “Send to Inbox” function can be selected on the request page to run the report in the background while continuing to work in the client. Similar to printing a document under Windows, users are no longer blocked by waiting for the finished report.

It is also possible to select which report layout should be used on the request page. This makes it easier to use different report layouts for different purposes (especially for Excel layouts). Users can select the available layouts for the report from a drop-down menu on the request page.

The feature allows multiple layouts (like Excel layouts) for the same report dataset within an organization. For example, one layout can be used for a planning meeting, another for mail merge, and a third layout for the board meeting.

Advanced data processing in Excel

The latest Business Central fall release also offers innovations in the area of data processing with Excel. Companies often hand over support and administration for their ERP system to their corresponding software partner. The partner’s consultants and support staff then often process large amounts of data in the customer account on behalf of the customer – in many cases using Excel. The associated add-in now enables them to update and publish to Business Central as well, therefore it will become an even more powerful tool for data processing.

Business Central Excel Add-in
The action “Edit in Excel” is now also possible for consultants and support staff vicariously in the customer account (Source: Microsoft)

Consultants and support staff can now use the Excel add-in in the same way as in-house users in the Azure Active Directory organization of the customer account. The system action “Edit in Excel” in the client opens the add-in for this purpose, but new data records can also be created directly in Excel.

The function is thus particularly suitable for supporting the customer in processing large volumes of data (e.g. correcting data entry errors, importing tables from older systems, and making data adjustments), provided that this cannot be done via data update scripts.

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