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Qlik Sense May 2023 – What’s New?

Qlik Sense May 2023

BI provider Qlik has released the new version for Qlik Sense on Windows. Qlik Sense May 2023 once again delivers innovations in the areas of augmented analytics, visualization and connectivity in particular.

The May release is the second client-managed release this year and includes new customization options for filter panes, styling enhancements for charts, new charting capabilities for custom app navigation, and a new connector, among other new features.

New customization options for filter panes

With the new version, it is now possible to customize the appearance and functionality of filter panes. The listbox for each field or master dimension in a filter pane can be customized with several new properties. The following options are available for this purpose:

– Hiding the displayed field title
– Ability to remove the search function for the field or switch to Wildcard mode (inserts * characters around the string)
– Compact view to optimize the space between values
– Checkbox mode for an alternative selection method
– Histogram view to display the frequency of each value in the data
– Grid layout with user-defined arrangement and display options

Background colors and images in charts

App developers are now also able to add custom background colors or images to table charts, pivot tables, pie charts, and bar charts. Any image from the media library can be used as a background. It is also possible to select individual background colors as well as colors by expression.

Display of larger data sets for line charts

You can now control the number of visible points and lines that are displayed in line charts. The maximum number of visible points is 50,000, the maximum number of visible lines is 1,000. The new options are available for line charts with a continuous dimension axis.

Qlik Sense May 2023
Line chart in Qlik Sense with a large dataset (Source: Qlik)

Improved styling options for charts

New styling enhancements are available for multiple Qlik Sense charts, providing advanced customization options when creating visualizations. This allows them to be customized to meet corporate, departmental or personal requirements and preferences, for example. The new options are available for bar charts, pie charts, combo charts, scatter plots, pivot tables, tables, text & image and Mekko charts.

Updated diagram functions for custom app navigation

In Advanced Authoring, the new ObjectId() and InObject() diagram functions allow you to create guided apps with custom navigation functions. For example, the functions can be used in conditional expressions to create colored buttons for navigating between sheets in an application.

New Google Analytics 4 connector

Qlik Sense May 2023 also includes a new connector. The Google Analytics 4 connector extracts traffic and engagement metrics from Google Analytics 4-enabled websites and applications and loads that data into Qlik Sense applications. Google is thus replacing Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4.

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