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Business Central 2023 Wave 1: Extended warehouse functions available for all warehouse configurations

Business Central Warehouse Functions

With the introduction of the current Business Central spring version, the warehouse and logistics area has also been equipped with some small but very effective improvements.

For example, some functions that were previously only available in complex warehouse setups are now also available in simple warehouse configurations.The full range of warehouse functions has been available for some time, but to use them, directed put-away and pick had to be activated for selected locations.

Enabling directed puta-way and picks makes advanced warehouse processes available, but they may add more complexity than necessary for the business.

Therefore, the latest Business Central April release enables various functions even without activating directed put-away and pick.


Bins can now be grouped into zones in warehouse management. Each zone can consist of one or more storage bins. The properties assigned to a zone are then assigned to all bins that are created for the zone by default (e.g. properties for temperature or security level).

Movement worksheet

By using movement worksheets, inventory movements can be scheduled in the warehouse. During these routine movements, bins with the highest-selling items are replenished. While calculating bin replenishment, Business Central finds bins with a higher bin ranking that need to be replenished with items from lower ranking bins and creates the lines for the necessary stock movements based on this information.

Movement instructions can then be created for the suggested replenishment activities, or lines can be deleted if, for example, there is only time for a limited number of movements before the warehouse closes for that day.

Additional (non-suggested) movements can also be planned – for example, if random items are taken from several bins for a quality inspection.

Special equipment

For locations with bins, special equipment (e.g. transport systems) can be set up that is required in specific zones, bins, or items. To do this, the Special Equipment field on the Location Card can be used to select where Business Central should search for special equipment to be used during warehouse activities such as put-aways, picks, or movements.

Bin capacity policy

Bin capacity policies can be used to define how Business Central should handle bin capacity in terms of volume and weight. The maximum volume and maximum weight for the bin can be defined. For item units of measure, Business Central calculates cubage based on length, width, and height, and weight based on the values in the Net Weight and Qty. per Unit of Measure fields on the Item Card page.

Warehouse class

Business Central provides the ability to assign a warehouse class code to a zone, bin, or item. It is now possible to activate the “Check Warehouse Classes” button on the Location Card page for each location that uses bins. Business Central then ensures that each item is only stored in bins with the same warehouse class.

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