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Business Central 2024 Wave 1: Copilot Chat as an everyday AI helper

Artificial intelligence has found its way into all areas of life – especially in the business world. The first AI functions were therefore also established in Dynamics 365 Business Central some time ago with Microsoft Copilot. Copilot Chat, which was introduced with the current version, now adds some helpful new features.

Daily and recurring activities such as searching for documents or specific data records can take up valuable employee time in a company. Colleagues are often consulted in order to gain insights or solve problems together.

With this year’s spring release, Business Central users now have additional support from Microsoft Copilot. Via an AI-driven chat right next to the data, Copilot can be asked any questions quickly and easily in natural language.

This makes it easy to answer the relevant questions and find data quickly. It is also possible to navigate directly to the documents found without having to use conventional menus.

When using Copilot Chat, you can search by name or by one or more data records (based on fields and restrictions). For example, Copilot can be instructed to “Show me the latest sales order for Adam.” It should be noted that although the chat can display the records searched for, it cannot make any changes to them.

Business Central Copilot Chat
New Copilot chat area next to the Business Central data (Source: Microsoft)

Copilot as an AI-based helper in Business Central

This makes Copilot Chat an everyday AI companion that helps to complete tasks faster, freeing up time for the most important work.

It also does this by explaining data structures and fields and providing step-by-step instructions based on Microsoft’s online documentation. The chat can also be asked about this using natural language, for example to find out more about the execution of tasks in Business Central. A possible question would be, for example, “How do I save my list filters so that I can use them again later?”. The chat then provides helpful instructions on how to carry out the task in question.

The Copilot Chat is currently still in the preview phase and is only available in English. It will be rolled out to other regions, such as Germany, in future updates.

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