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Business Central 2024 Wave 1: Improvements to the user experience

With the latest April release, Dynamics 365 Business Central has once again been revised in various areas. The general user experience has also been optimized again.

The Business Central web client is continuously optimized and expanded to make it as easy and convenient to use as possible and to increase productivity at work. The latest version has therefore once again added some small but helpful innovations. These include the action bar on lists and worksheets, the Date Picker in the calendar and the help and support page.

Specifically, the Business Central April 2024 version includes the following improvements to the web client:

The action bar for lists and worksheets now offers better use of space in the action bar. For example, the actions for searching or analyzing a list of records no longer display an additional caption next to the icon. Although some pages now contain the Copilot function, the overall use of horizontal space is reduced.

Business Central user experience
List page with display of condensed actions for searching and analyzing (Source: Microsoft)

The Date Picker in the calendar dropdown menu in the date fields has been optimized to make it easier to select dates in different months and years.

Business Central user experience
New calendar control with month display (Source: Microsoft)

The banner that displays a welcome message on the home pages of the role center has been redesigned with new visual elements.

Business Central user experience
Visually updated banner on the start page of the Business Central role center (Source: Microsoft)

The legacy view for lookups is no longer displayed on list pages. This change was announced some time ago.

The help and support page now provides a link that copies the environment and session details to the clipboard. This way, the information does not have to be selected and copied when reporting a problem.

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