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Qlik Cloud: More flexibility through custom security roles

Qlik Cloud Custom Roles

BI provider Qlik introduces a long-requested feature with custom security roles. The new roles enable precise management of data export and access permissions within Qlik Apps. This means that permissions can be adapted precisely to individual requirements, thereby increasing data security and compliance.

For the introduction of the new function, it is possible to regulate content export permissions. Further functionalities will be added later, including control over the creation of data connections or report generation.

Initially, custom roles can be created in Qlik Cloud with specific permissions for individuals or groups. These roles can be assigned just like the built-in security roles. Custom roles extend the permissions of the “User Default” role. When a custom role is assigned to users, permissions can only be added, not removed.

The authorization settings of the “User default” role are displayed when a user-defined role is configured. It is important to note that attempts to restrict authorizations within the “User Default” role have no effect. The relevant authorization is still granted to everyone.

Custom roles therefore give administrators more flexibility when defining roles that are tailored to specific requirements – e.g. access to functions that require special knowledge or where capacities are limited. These roles complement the built-in security roles and provide more granular control in granting and controlling permissions at both client and individual level.

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