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Qlik Sense May 2024 – What’s New?

BI provider Qlik has released the new version for Qlik Sense on Windows. Qlik Sense May 2024 once again offers innovations in the area of visualizations.

The May release is the second client-managed version this year and mainly contains various improvements for charts, tables and navigation.

New option for controlling the opacity of background colors

In the new version, the color picker offers more control over opacity. The new functionality makes it easier to adjust the transparency of the color using the slider. The new function can be very useful, for example, to make the sheet background shine and thus emphasize the displayed data. Stacked charts can also be enhanced. Users of hex codes can continue to insert their codes in future – either with or without the “#” symbol.

Qlik Sense May 2024
New functionality to adjust the background opacity in Qlik Sense May 2024 (Source: Qlik)

Optimizations for table chart and pivot table

The straight table and pivot table have also been optimized. The following new features and improvements have been added:

Table chart:
• Smaller columns
• URL links

Pivot table:
• Dimension limits
• Formatting of measures
• Text alignment, dimension and measures values and titles
• Null value styling measures
• URL links

In addition, it is now possible to display values as clickable links within the dimension columns – both for the straight table and the pivot table.

Qlik Sense May 2024
New customization options for straight tables and pivot tables (Source: Qlik)

Extension for buttons

The navigation for buttons has been expanded with the new May version to include the following action option: “Go to Sheet: specify chart”.

This new feature can be useful, for example, to navigate to a specific chart, design a single page, jump to a section or navigate back to the top.

The button also has a new setting for evaluating expressions in runtime. In this way, values set in an action can be carried forward to future actions in the chain.

New cyclic dimensions

Cyclic dimensions introduce a new dimension type in Qlik Sense May 2024. This offers the possibility to select dimensions from a group and switch them seamlessly across the entire application. Unlike drill-down groups, cyclic dimensions do not have a hierarchical structure. They are similar to alternative dimensions, extending their influence app-wide.

Using cyclic dimensions saves valuable space in the application and on the screen, so that a series of charts can provide versatile analysis. For example, you can easily switch from temporal to geographical or product category-based measures. Switching dimensions is facilitated by either a button action or an axis label.

Moved sheet navigation arrows

The sheet navigation arrows have also been revised with Qlik Sense May 2024. When the sheet title is hidden, they now remain available in the selection bar instead of being hidden.

In addition to the features listed, Qlik Sense May 2024 also offers the ability to configure and schedule the preloading of apps. In addition, the Qlik associative engine now supports loading and storing nested fields with a parquet file.

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