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Business Central 2024 Wave 1: Simplified invoicing process for projects

With the release of the latest Business Central version, the functionalities in the project area have also been optimized.

For example, Business Central 2024 Wave 1 now offers the option of invoicing a project to multiple customers. In addition, it will also be possible to invoice several projects to one customer at once.

Invoicing projects to multiple customers

If several customers are involved in projects, it can be difficult and time-consuming to invoice the right customers for the right project tasks. Business Central now simplifies billing by allowing you to specify the bill-to and sell-to customers in each project task line. With this information for each task, invoices can be created automatically for the correct customers.

For this purpose, various new fields can be added and defined on the “Project Task Card” page, in the “Project Task” table and in the project task lines area. When the new function is activated for the first time, the fields “Bill-to Customer No.”, “Sell-to Customer No.”, “External Document No.” and “Your Reference” are displayed once in the “Project Task lines” area. Different customers can now be entered there for each project task.

Business Central invoicing projects
The Project Task Lines area with new fields (e.g. Bill-to Customer No.) and the possibility to enter different customers for each project task (Source: Microsoft)

Additional fields are not displayed by default, but can be added via customization. The following list shows all fields that can be displayed:

Business Central invoicing projects

To activate the function, one of the following options must be selected in the “Default Task Billing Method” field on the “Project Setup” page:

Per Project: This is the default setting. If this option is selected, the fields are empty and cannot be edited. The fields are not displayed in the “Project Task Lines” area.

Per Project Task: If this option is selected, the fields can be edited. Business Central uses the billing details defined in the project task lines to create invoices and define prices.

Invoice customers for multiple projects

With the current Business Central version, the invoicing process can be further simplified by sending one invoice for several projects. This reduces manual effort and improves accuracy.

A new action now allows project planning lines from multiple projects to be added to a sales invoice with just one click. All you need to do is create a sales invoice and select the corresponding billable projects using the new action.

Business Central invoicing projects
New action for adding project plan lines from multiple projects to a sales invoice (Source: Microsoft)

 The action for retrieving project plan lines is only available for sales invoices, but not for sales orders or sales quotes. In addition, it is not possible to filter by the “Ship-to Code” or “Contact No.” fields.

The two features are currently not intended for use with the prisma informatik project extension, as some functions of the extensions (e.g. project calculations, down payments and partial invoices) are not yet compatible with the new features. But we are working on implementation and integration.

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