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Qlik Sense Cloud: Helpful innovations for analyses in May and June

Qlik Sense Cloud Innovations

Qlik is continuously expanding and optimizing the design options in Qlik Sense to ensure the most comprehensive analyses and visually appealing visualizations possible.

In recent weeks, the design options and user-friendliness in Qlik Sense Cloud have therefore been improved again.

Tabular reporting on demand

Highly formatted tabular reports are now also available to in-app users. This allows them to select their preferred data and download the file immediately to their desktop. The new feature is particularly useful when users want to generate standardized documents for printing or create complex, dimension-driven worksheets with tabular data for downstream analysis, for example.

Users simply have to make a selection during the analysis and then download a tabular report to the desktop via the assets panel.

New cyclic dimensions

Cyclic master dimensions introduce a new type of dimension. This offers the option of selecting dimensions from a group and switching them seamlessly across the entire application. In contrast to drill-down groups, cyclic dimensions do not have a hierarchical structure. They are similar to alternative dimensions, extending their influence app-wide. The new dimension type has also been released for Qlik Sense on Windows with the May release.

Embedding images in tables

Images can now be embedded in the new straight table and pivot table with the Visualization Bundle. The images can be added from the media library or via a URL.

Links to sheets in the catalog

A link to a specific worksheet can now be created as an asset in the catalog. In this way, specific sheets from apps can be promoted in public collections and further on a custom home page. This allows relevant content to be found more quickly.

Runtime evaluation option for actions

A new setting has also been added to the button to evaluate expressions in runtime. This means that values defined in an action can be carried forward to future actions in the chain.

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