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QlikView 12 officially available

QlikView 12 ReleaseFor just a few hours now, QlikView 12, the latest version of one of the world’s leading Business Intelligence platforms, has been available on the market. Besides several innovations familiar from the beta version, the software now offers additional interesting functions.

Around two months after ending the beta test phase, Qlik has published the latest release of its proven analysis solution, QlikView 12. Even before the official release, users were able to get a first glance at several of the new features and extensions. The new features include the improved QIX Engine, extended touch functions, and a new online help portal including context-sensitive help pages to provide support during product use. Furthermore, the beta version already included optimisations pertaining to the security of external interfaces.

QlikView 12 Release New Features

Direct integration of Qlik DataMarket in QlikView has also been added to the official release of QlikView 12. The innovative, cloud-based data service provides users with access to a large collection of different data records in a variety of thematic areas, e.g. population numbers, currencies, and weather. The data that may be accessed and used directly from QlikView is partially freely available and partially subject to a charge.

Besides this, QlikView 12 includes a RESTful API Connector. This enables a seamless connection between QlikView and other web-based data sources that also possess a RESTful API Connector. For example, QlikView may be simply connected to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, without the need to involve third-party providers or use other extensions.

More information about the innovations in QlikView 12 is also available to you in our blog at: QLIKVIEW 12: BETA VERSION NOW AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERS and in the following video:

Whats New in QlikView 12

QlikView 12: Beta version now available to customers

QlikView 12 ReleaseThe Beta version of the upcoming product release QlikView 12 is now available to existing Qlik customers. They have the opportunity to test the software until the 25 September and provide feedback to Qlik.

With QlikView various innovations and improvements are awaiting customers, concerning QlikView Desktop, QlikView Server, QlikView Publisher and QlikView Workbench. The following features can be tested in the currently available Beta version:

  • QIX Engine
    QlikView 12 is designed on the basis of the same QIX Engine as Qlik Sense. This allows users to benefit from several improvements, which will above all improve the performance of many applications (in particular those with large tables).
  • Security
    The new version also contains security optimisations, which among other things affect the product’s external interfaces. The improvements will not necessarily be noticed by end users and have no influence on performance and program sequences.
  • New online help
    An online help portal provides users with immediate support in case of problems and questions. Help pages can be accessed on a context-sensitive basis directly from the application, and have a similar format to the help portal for Qlik Sense.
  • Improved touch functionalities
    Additionally, QlikView 12 now offers the possibility of using all functionalities that are executable in the web client via keyboard and mouse (e.g. create, edit and move objects, change properties, use the scrollbar) via the touchscreen of mobile end devices, too.

From now until the 25 September, partners and existing customers can test the Beta version of QlikView 12 and direct their feedback to Qlik.

Qlik Sense 2.0 is available

Last week, Qlik announced the official release of Qlik Sense 2.0, the first major release of its data visualization solution. The features included in the new release focus largely on improved possibilities regarding access, loading and processing data.

The new features mainly include:

  • Qlik DataMarket
    The new, cloud-based data service provides the ability to integrate external databases, including demographic information, currencies, economic indicators or weather information directly out of Qlik Sense 2.0. The data sets include both a free and a paid offering.

Qlik Sense 2.0 Release new features Data Market

  • Smart Data Load
    The data load and the automatic, intelligent identification of key relationships in data models have been further improved. Thus, connecting and processing data from different sources has been further simplified – even for non-technical users.
  • Smart Data Compression
    Large amounts of data can now processed and presented even better. New algorithms and visualizations allow meaningful summary even of billions of individual data points.
  • Printing and exporting PDFs
    It is now possible to export worksheets directly from Qlik Sense out as a PDF. The export settings can be customized.

Qlik Sense 2.0 Release printing exporting PDF

  • Additional improvements
    Furthermore, various improvements in terms of usability and the overall look and feel have been made. This includes optimized SmartSearch functionality (also on mobile devices), as well as improved visualization options and features concerning the map objects, KPI objects and pivot tables

The name “Qlik Sense” stands for the whole product family, including Qlik Sense Enterprise, Qlik Sense desktop and Qlik Sense cloud.

The launch of the further announced new products is planned for July this year. The new development environment “Qlik Analytics Platform” is scheduled for 01 July 2015.

Qlik provides a brief video overview oft he new features in Qlik Sense 2.0:

Qlik Sense 2.0 Release features overview

Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.0

Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.0 Qlik Analytics Platform Qlik DataMarket Qlik CloudAt this year’s global partner summit, BI software vendor Qlik announced not only the first major release for Qlik Sense, but also previewed of a number of other new products in the course of this year. Thus, Qlik is expanding its portfolio significantly and evolves from solution provider to platform vendor.

At the annual partner conference “Qonnections” last week in Dallas, Qlik announced the first major update of its data visualization solution called Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.0 to be released in June this year.

In a preview of the features included in the new version, amongst others, enhanced facilities for loading and processing data were presented. The new Smart Data Load function allows users to select from multiple data sources and combine them into one application. The new features also include improved visualization options and features concerning the map objects, KPI objects and pivot tables, as well as the possibility for an easy export of analysis views to PDF and PowerPoint. Moreover, the current Smart Search function will be further expanded.

In addition to the new version, a number of new products have been announced, which will significantly expand the portfolio:

The new Qlik Analytics platform will offer developers in the future many new opportunities for the creation of applications and web mashups. The Qlik Analytics platform is based on the patented QIX analysis engine and includes all available product APIs. By using the Qlik Analytics platform it will be possible in the future to comprehensively manage all components of the new Qlik family on a common basis. The Qlik Analytics Platform will be available as of June this year.

Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.0 Release Qlik Analytics Platform Qlik CloudSource: Doug Henschen

Also presented were new members of the Qlik Cloud family – the overarching term for the new, cloud-based services:

  • The Qlik Sense Cloud (so far in its beta version) is a free service, by means of which the own Qlik Sense applications can be shared with up to five other users. To access the shared content via the cloud, an installation of Qlik Sense is not necessarily required. Qlik Sense Cloud is available immediately. Additional feature enhancements are planned for the second half of 2015.
  •  Qlik DataMarket is a service that is best comparable with an app store for data. It allows easy access to a variety of external data sets (such as corporate demographic information, currencies, economic indicators, weather data) in the most diverse areas and levels of detail. Qlik DataMarket will be available for Qlik Sense as of June this year, for Qlik View in the second half of 2015.
  • With the help of Qlik Sense Charts analysis views can be embedded in interactive websites. The respective objects are automatically rendered and optimized for the device on which they are presented. Qlik Sense Charts (beta version) will be available as of June this year.

The next release of the proven analysis solution QlikView 12 was also announced for the second half of 2015. With this release, QlikView is going to be operated and developed on the same technical platform (QIX Engine) as Qlik Sense. In this way, QlikView customers benefit long-term from the improvements and investments made by the software producer.

With the new product portfolio, companies basically are offered more deployment options, freedom of choice and flexibility in the context of an integrated, scalable analysis solution. This way, Qlik is positioning itself for the future as a provider of an innovative and integrated, platform-based analysis solution that covers a wide range of application scenarios – scalable for companies of all sizes and requirements.