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Living data with Qlik Data Storytelling

The visualization of company data, for example in graphics and charts, can enormously simplify and improve the analysis and gaining knowledge. If the respective evaluations are expected to be shared and presented with others, the data can even be combined into a real story and thereby be brought to life.

Data Storytelling connects selected data, puts it in a specific context, emphasizes special elements and wakes up the audiences’ emotions. This is a major factor in understanding and convincing data. It is also important for the presenter to adapt the narrated data history to the respective knowledge and requirements of the audience, for example different departments.

Often, it is also adequate to focus on single important information or the presentation of summarized results ideally drawn on a particular scenario or enriched with different hypotheses. For example, by showing and explaining possible developments to your employees, so they can be enabled into the respective situation better and make the right decisions faster and easier.

Additional emotions can result in the elucidation of potential consequences when choosing a wrong alternative. Therefore, the trick is to catch the audience – not only in a professional, but also in an emotional way – by selecting the right data and numbers, packaged in convincing pictures and graphics.

Bring data to life with Qlik

For an all-round efficient Data Storytelling the use of a supporting Business Intelligence solution is recommended. The BI-Software Qlik Sense already offers an integrated Data Storytelling tool, that allows you to combine different analysis-, reporting- and presentation technics. A special mechanism for making static snapshots of your favored data, which can be put together to an appropriate story on slides, is provided. The static snapshots can be arranged with different effects and the attention of the audience will be channeled on specific information.

For more interactivity, it is also possible to access the source (e.g. the corresponding live data) of the static snapshots during the presentation. Another possibility for more interactivity is the integration of worksheets into the slides. For more information about the Qlik Data Storytelling tool, watch the following video:

Qlik Data Storytelling


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