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Fast And Simple Geo-Visualisation With Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense Geo-VisualisationIt is increasingly important to maintain a constant overview of company-relevant data, particularly in the time of big data, but that does not make it easier. As a result, modern business intelligence solutions have become indispensable for companies in making the respective information as clear and coherent as possible.

The data discovery software Qlik Sense with its integrated geo-functions allows data to be evaluated and displayed, even for different geographical zones. It can, for instance, show you which regions in Germany sell a product particularly well, or if you were able to increase turnover internationally with an individual product in the past year. Qlik Sense offers various possibilities to visually display the relevant data on a map, and allows analyses and comparisons to be carried out.

Qlik Sense Geo-Visualisation - Sales in Germany
Qlik Sense Geo-Visualisation – Sales in Germany

This makes it possible for regional sales figures to be pictured on a map in the form of different coloured areas. In addition, the respective data can also be displayed on uploaded maps as circles of various sizes. Qlik Sense offers a diverse range of interaction options. Map scaling can be carried out by swiping, panning or scrolling (depending on the device being used).

Qlik Sense Geo-Visualisation - Area and Point Visualisation
Qlik Sense Geo-Visualisation – Area and Point Visualisation

In addition, you can focus on a specific area in just a few clicks, letting you take a closer look at selected information. A number of different selection possibilities are available to the user (marking, clicking, lasso and legends selection) to limit the examined data.

The pre-integrated mapbox background function can be used for geo-visualisation in Qlik Sense. Users can also add maps from external providers. Aside from additional maps, these also offer other expansions for more complex geo-visualisations. You will receive an overview of possible functionalities of external providers in a separate blog.

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