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New features in Qlik Sense and NPrinting with the Qlik April versions

Qlik SenseSpring is here and comes with the new releases of BI provider Qlik. The new versions include cross-product innovations as well as new features and improvements for the visualization software Qlik Sense.

In addition to some advances in the multi-cloud-architecture, the introduction of the new AI offering Associative Insights and an optimization of the dual-use-option of QlikView and Qlik Sense, the April release wave also offers some new functionalities for Qlik Sense and NPrinting.

Improved Multi-Cloud-Deployment

With its April releases, Qlik introduces new Enterprise SaaS deployment capabilities that give customers more flexibility on their journey into the cloud. Among other things, users will be able to deploy Qlik Sense via hosted cloud services as well as their own cloud infrastructure (via “Qlik Sense on Kubernetes”). All deployment options – including Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows – can be used cohesively within a multi-cloud-framework.

Qlik Sense Enterprise Deployment Options
Qlik Sense Enterprise Deployment Options (Source: Qlik)

Extended AI functionalities

With the new Associative Insights, the area of artificial intelligence has also been expanded. The new feature combines the associative and cognitive engines of Qlik and offers even more possibilities to analyze data in different directions and gain new insights.

Extended AI functionalities in Qlik Sense
Extended AI functionalities in Qlik Sense (Source: Qlik)

New possibilities in the dual-use-model

The April release also makes it easier for users to combine QlikView and Qlik Sense. This includes, for example, the ability to unlock both products with a single license key. Integrated links to QlikView apps from selected Qlik Sense environments and a central hub that allows users to access both QlikView and Qlik Sense apps also support the dual-use.

Optimized visualization features

Qlik works continuously on the improvement of the visualization possibilities in Qlik Sense. The April release contains some new features, too. Among the highlights are bullet diagrams for a clear tracking of goals and targets, new, more flexible bar and area charts as well as a new background layer for map diagrams to analyze specific dimensions, such as floor plans, space layouts or park grids.

Optimized visualization possibilities in Qlik Sense
Optimized visualization possibilities in Qlik Sense (Source: Qlik)

Functional enhancements in Qlik NPrinting

Users of NPrinting will also benefit from new functionalities within the April 2019 release. In addition to new task notifications for a more efficient administration, the new version also includes a new Big Data Index functionality with additional aggregation options in “live” mode in a KPI object (e.g. sum/min/max/avg).

A summary of all new features of the Qlik April 2019 releases can be found on YouTube:

What's New in Qlik Sense April 2019

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