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Optimized reporting with the Qlik NPrinting autumn version

Qlik NPrinting November 2019

With its November releases, Qlik has equipped its various products with new improvements and enhancements. The reporting functionalities in NPrinting have also been further expanded.

NPrinting November 2019 now supports variable-based filters. With this function, Qlik NPrinting can evaluate the value of a QlikView or Qlik Sense variable. This allows the user to use a variable in a filter and set the value of a variable directly during report generation. This closes a functional gap in NPrinting 16.

The new version also includes an improvement to the On-Demand reporting object. This can be used from within a Qlik Sense mashup from now on and offers more flexibility and extensibility in Qlik Sense.

In addition, NPrinting now offers a tool that helps customers easily and automatically migrate their content from NPrinting 16 to NPrinting 19, making it easier to update to newer versions. The following video provides an overview of the new migration tool:

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