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New features for QlikView and Qlik NPrinting with May 2022 releases

In May, Qlik not only rolled out a new release for Qlik Sense on Windows, but also added some small features to QlikView and NPrinting.

After a longer break, the Qlik Sense predecessor QlikView was once again optimized and equipped with some new features. The reporting platform NPrinting was also enhanced in the course of the May update.

QVF becomes standard format

The QVF file format has been supported in QlikView since last year’s May release. With the new release, it will now become the standard file format. The previous QVW file format will continue to work for the time being and will be the default storage format for existing QVWs. If two documents have the same base name but different extensions, they will share meta files and common files. There is also no cross-compatibility yet between QVF files in QlikView and QVF files in Qlik Sense.

Tracking of source documents

User documents created in a “Loop and Reduce” process are now provided with information about the source document. This can be found in the Document Support Information dialog.

Extended e-mail warnings for tasks

Previously, it was possible to have the QlikView Server send an email warning as soon as a task failed while reloading. From now on, this is also possible for tasks that completed with a warning.

New option for container objects

With QlikView May 2022 it is now possible to hide tabs in the container object. The object will then display the first object that is not hidden.

Persistent “Doc Admin Cache”

Previously, the “Doc Admin Cache” was only in memory and was cleared when the QMS service was restarted. In the future, the cache will persist in a database.

In addition to the new features listed, QlikView 2022 includes some other minor optimizations. For example, QlikView Server services have been updated to .NET 4.8. The MutualInfo() function now calculates the mutual information between two fields. In addition, the Mekko chart now displays totals at the top of each segment stack. The “Log Collector Tool” is also now integrated with the QlikView Management Console.

New features in Qlik NPrinting

The NPrinting reporting platform also received a new feature in May, in addition to some technical optimizations and bug fixes. Qlik NPrinting now supports connections to QlikView documents saved in QVF format. This function requires QlikView May 2022 (version 12.70 or later). NPrinting does not check whether the installed version of QlikView Desktop supports QVF connections.

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