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Qlik NPrinting May 2021 – What’s New?

Qlik NPrinting May 2021

With the release of the new versions of Qlik, the reporting platform NPrinting will also be optimized again. Qlik NPrinting May 2021 has been enhanced with new public APIs, among other things.

The set of public APIs has been expanded to include Qlik NPrinting apps. This innovation makes it possible to generate a list of all available apps. In addition, new apps can be created, and existing ones can be updated. Furthermore, all the details of a particular app can be retrieved.

The set of public APIs has also been extended to include Qlik NPrinting connections. This way, in addition to retrieving a list of all available connections, it is also possible to create new ones. Furthermore, it is possible to retrieve detailed information about a connection and to update these details. Besides that, the metadata of a connection can be reloaded. This process can also be cancelled again.

Qlik NPrinting May 2021 now also supports QlikView 12.50 SR4.  

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