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Business Central: Create AI-generated product descriptions with Copilot

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into all areas of life – including the business world. In Business Central AI-generated product descriptions can be created in the future with the help of the new Copilot function.

Writing meaningful product descriptions for numerous, often similar products in an online store sometimes requires not only a lot of time, but also a certain amount of creativity. With the new Copilot product descriptions in Business Central can now be generated in no time at all via AI – with just a few clicks and directly where the corresponding product inventories are managed.

To this end, the current version has optimized the entire process – from uploading an image to Business Central, to AI-driven suggestions for marketing texts based on the respective product attributes (e.g. color, size and material), to publication in the online store, all with as little effort as possible.

Suggestions based on an image

By uploading an image, a new item record can be created quickly and easily. Business Central analyzes the image and automatically makes suitable suggestions for item categories and attributes. If categories were previously configured with templates and default attributes, these are automatically assigned. In this way, manual data entry is reduced.

Business Central AI Copilot
Creating a new item record by uploading an image (Source: Microsoft)

Create marketing texts

The new “Marketing Text” area is now available via the corresponding actions of the item card or the FactBox. Here, a customer-ready, rich-text product description can be generated, which can be used for all marketing activities, for example. Currently the functionality is only available in English. The AI-controlled generation of the text is based on the description, the item category and the attributes selected for the respective item.

In the “Create with Copilot” window, various language parameters such as format, tone of voice and quality to emphasize can also be adjusted during text generation. It is possible to specify exactly which attributes are to be taken into account during text generation. The description can also be additionally optimized by retrieving further suggestions or adding your own customizations before saving.

Business Central AI Copilot
Generating marketing texts using the new Copilot function (Source: Microsoft)

The new Copilot feature is automatically available to cloud customers in all new production and sandbox environments from version 22.0. When upgrading, the feature is automatically activated with version 23, but can be manually enabled from version 22.0.

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