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Business Central: Advanced search in company data

In order to accelerate and simplify the often time-consuming data search in Business Central, it has now been optimized.

In everyday work, a lot of time is often spent searching for specific information in the company data. This often requires specific queries in order to easily find the desired data in the various areas of the business software. Steadily growing volumes of data make efficient searching increasingly difficult, making it harder to quickly access relevant information.

With the latest version, the data search in Business Central has therefore been improved. In future, it will be possible to search not only business transactions, but also all data relevant to the user role. The most important results are always displayed first. This saves valuable time, which can be used for higher-level or more urgent tasks.

A search can be started via the Role Center or anywhere in Business Central using the shortcut CTRL+ALT+F. One or more keywords can then be entered. Finally, the search results display the best results in the tables to which the user has access.

Customize search area for optimized results

Initially, the search is always limited to the data available in the Role Center and the tables the respective users are allowed to access. But the search area can be customized by selecting the “Show tables for search” action on the “Search in company data” page. Restricting or reducing the search area even speeds up the display of search results.

Business Central Data Search
“Search in company data” page with display of search results and the action “Show tables to search” (Source: Microsoft)

Finally, the “Show tables to search” action displays the “Search Setup (Table) List” page, where the tables to be searched can be selected. By default, only the tables relevant for the respective role are displayed here as well, but the search radius can be extended to other tables with the actions “Show all tables” and “Filter to selected tables”.

When a table is selected, the “Search Setup (Field) List” page opens. Here, the search can be customized to include specific fields in the selected table by enabling the “Enable search” option. By default, only indexed code and text type fields are enabled, as well as fields used to identify the search result record.

Since the number of table fields included in the search may affect performance, the default settings can also be restored if necessary. To do this, the “Reset to default” option must be selected on the “Search Setup (Table) List” and “Search Setup (Page) List” pages.

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