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Qlik Sense: Share collections “publicly” in the future

In Qlik Sense, various content can be added to personal collections. From now on, these collections can also be opened for others.

Qlik Sense provides the ability to group apps, charts, notes, automations, experiments, and links into collections. To add content to a collection, simply click the “Add to Collection” action for any content type. Content can be added to one or more collections in the process.

In the Qlik Sense SaaS Mobile app, the “Mobile Content” collection is also available. Apps that are opened in the Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS app are automatically added to the mobile content.

All collections created were previously private by default, but recently administrators can also configure them as public to share with all other members of the tenant. Collections from one or more areas can be opened for the desired users.

Qlik Sense Public Collections
Public (Public) and private (Only you) collections in Qlik Sense (Source: Qlik)

The content in public collections is only available if the member already have permission to view. Users automatically see collections if they have access to at least one piece of content in that collection through a space membership.

Collections provide a simple yet efficient way to deliver content in a logical grouping. This is especially useful when content that is commonly used by specific business teams or roles is scattered across multiple areas.

To publicly share a collection, the collection must have the button for more actions clicked, followed by “Make public”. A public collection can also be locked to other members at any time using the “Make private” action.

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