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Qlik improves data integration with Data Catalyst and Attunity

In order to optimize the management of company data, BI provider Qlik is expanding its portfolio in the area of data management and integration in addition to its classic analytics products such as Qlik Sense. The modern DataOps solution Qlik Data Catalyst and the recently acquired solution Attunity offer faster and better insights for every analysis environment – from Qlik to Power BI.

Qlik Attunity and Data Catalyst

Qlik Data Catalyst creates a secure and smart catalog of all enterprise data available for analysis, no matter where it is located. Powerful, automated data preparation and metadata tools accelerate the transformation of raw data into usable information. The various departments can be provided by a central data marketplace where they can find every data source in the company and then easily and efficiently include it in their analyses and knowledge gathering.

Qlik Data Catalyst uses modern data storage and computer platforms such as Hadoop as a basis to deliver the most reliable, evaluable company data. With the latest version of Data Catalyst 4.0, which now also supports single-server and AWS-based architectures, Qlik wants to meet the demand for agile solutions to organize and unify raw data from multiple sources now. The additional support for data sources beyond Hadoop makes data management and analysis even easier and more powerful for organizations.

To continue the strength of the data management capabilities of the Qlik Analytics platform, Qlik also acquired data expert Attunity last spring. The acquisition is intended to make the analysis of raw data even faster and simpler and support companies in gaining insights – even from more complex data sources. For example, the data management platform can be used to move data across different cloud environments and data lakes in real time. Predictive analytics capabilities and AI-supported systems further extend the possibilities for users to generate detailed, cross-company business insights.

The combination of Attunity’s solutions with Data Catalyst’s data management solution creates a comprehensive platform for integrating all enterprise data.The following video provides an overview of Qlik Data Catalyst:

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